Beginners Tarot Course


This course consisting of beginners major arcana and the four suits, is a place for you to start to learn the tarot without getting into the involved systems of numerology, astrology and kaballah.

You can read the tarot with just this knowledge of symbolism (a list of the meanings of symbols is given in your resources section), body language, weather patterns and colour. The trick is to learn to integrate the meanings of the symbols with the body language, colours and weather or landscape within the card.

Introduction : Author's Original Description

The beginners tarot course introduces you firstly to the deck author's original interpretation of the cards. Well we have to start somewhere don't we!

Assignment One : Symbolism

The first assignment relates to the symbolism and interpretation of the card in today's world. This is an opportunity for the student to delve into the cards and discover how interpretations are derived from the pictures and symbols displayed on the cards and then build their own interpretations. The different types of symbolism are listed below...


The basic meaning of any card can be gained from the symbols contained within the cards. We all understand what a symbol is. They are used everywhere within our normal day to day lives. They are used in our homes, our workplaces and out on the street. A stop sign for instance tells us not to do something. A green light tells us it's OK to proceed. Almost everyone associates a dove as a sign of peace.

Body Language

Each character in the tarot is displaying a form of body language. We need no teaching about body language as from early childhood we learn to recognise body language in others. If someone is dancing around the house whilst doing the housework we know they are happy and if they have their backs turned to us we know they don't wish to communicate.

Weather patterns and landscape

Again, we all know that weather patterns are easy to spot. A bright blue sky means a warm sunny day, whilst clouds in the sky mean either cold or impending rain. The weather in a tarot card helps us to see the prevailing mood of the card. We all know that a stark mountain is going to be difficult to climb and a rose garden is somewhere to relax in.


Everyone associates colour with moods, feelings and actions. The colours within the tarot cards allow us to further define the overall mood or action taking place within a card.

Assignment Two: Keywords

Nearly all tarot books give keywords for each card. The second assignment encourages the student to find their own keywords for each card - these help as a memory trigger for when the student is doing readings.

We all have our own vocabulary and we all use different words to describe the same thing - this second assignment is the student's opportunity to fix in their mind keywords that they will use as memory prompts when a client draws a particular card.

Assignment Three : Reversals

The third assignment gives you the opportunity to study the meaning of a reversed or upside down card. A reversed card does not mean the interpretation is reversed, rather that there are blockages which affect the full energy of the card. By looking at what could be blocked in a card you will gain a deeper understanding of the energy of the cards.

Assignment Four : Visualisation

The creative visualization exercise invites the student to see the card in their minds eye and allow their mind to take them on a journey related to the card.


In each suit there are two extra assignments involving the element of the suit and the court card families.


On completion of the course you will receive a 'Worldwide Mediums and Psychics' certificate to say you have reached the required grade as a tarot reader.

In addition, if you pass the professional course you will be entitled to display your certificate logo on your letterheads, email's and web site.

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