Professional (Reading) Tarot Course

You're asking yourself why, with all the study and learning you have done so far, with all the knowledge you now have you should bother with a reading course. Hey, you know what the card means and you can explain it to anyone you are reading for, right?

That may be, but there is a reason this course is called a professional course. It shows you how to handle the people you are reading for, how to put the information across to your client, friend or loved one without causing harm or undue stress. People want readings because they need help and this course shows you the difference between explaining the card and helping your client.

Dealing with clients has to come from within yourself and cannot be learnt from books. Becoming a tarot reader isn't all about you, rather it's about your clients and how you can help them. Not everyone is a 'people person' or knows how to deal with every situation or question. The professional course aims to help you with the best way to deal sensitively with your clients.

Professional Course Assignments

Your own life

In this assignment, the student examines the cards in relation to their own life. By taking the time to remember experiences of their own in relation to the cards, the student remembers how they felt at the time and how they dealt with the situations. This helps us to take a subjective view of the situation portrayed by the card.


Your second assignment involves watching the world around you and relating what you observe to the cards. The tarot is not about ancient interpretations that no longer fit in today's world. We need to be able to relate the tarot cards and their interpretations to what is happening to our clients NOW. We need to take the time to observe the world around us and relate those observations to the cards and our clients.

Friends and family -v- Paying clients

As every tarot reader will tell you, reading for family and friends is notoriously difficult. Firstly, we may be too close to the situation and secondly, we tend to tone down the readings because we don't want to hurt a loved one or beef the reading up in order to make our loved ones feel better. The reading assignment prepares the student for dealing with these types of readings.

You are also asked to compare the difference between how you would read for family and friends versus paying clients.


This exercise is meant to encourage you to think outside the box and allow your thoughts to run wild. By having to create a story about the card it ensures that your mind absorbs all the various facets of the card and how you would put this across to your friends and family or clients.

In each section there is an extra assignment called 'the story of the suit' and is the same as the above exercise but with the whole of the suit rather than one card.

At the end of your course ...

The student does ten email readings and ten online readings in the chat rooms (usually for other students on your course).

This is where most students try to duck out of the course. I have to spend time chatting to the quaking student assuring them that they wouldn't have got this far with the course if they weren't capable of reading. Then they agree to do just one reading and end up being shocked when they get good feedback from the client. Then they go on to finish their course and gain their certificate!




On completion of the course you will receive a 'Worldwide Mediums and Psychics' certificate to say you have reached the required grade as a tarot reader.

In addition, if you pass the professional course you will be entitled to display your certificate logo on your letterheads, email's and web site.


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