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Our student support is second to none. You can contact your tutor via the following methods:-

General e-mail or the online messaging system

You can contact your tutor via normal email but we prefer you to use the course online messaging system is available via the homepage or any of the course main pages. As soon as you click send on any message it is sent to your tutors (or other students) in-box online and a copy is sent to their email account.

Site Forums

We have several forums where you can post questions for your tutor and the other students on the courses.

Windows Live Messenger

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Student Feedback

Richard ....

Richard finished the course on 26th October 2012 and sent me this email ....

Having now completed my studies with you, and gained my Professional Cerificate, just wanted to share my experience. This is of course a very proud and happy event for me, and not without effort and much encouragement along the way.

Having happened across Tarot almost by chance a few years ago now, became fascinated, but also realised that some learning had to happen to unlock the knowledge within, and use the cards effectively. I searched the net, and found your course, and came under your wing. The course looked well structured, and focused on Rider Waite, to which at that time I was a stranger, but not for long. The way the course is structured, and the discipline learned in working through the cards under your expert guidance takes you forward all the time. The emphasis on research took me on another journey in to subject areas I had never considered, and awakened in me a much deeper interest in the infinitely wider aspects.

Progress happened in myself on many levels, and at a subtle level emphasised from time to time by yet another revelation. My creative mind which had been dormant began to awaken, and my appetite to learn increased along the way. Having completed the beginers course, I already felt much more confident, and the cards began to open to me more. In reading for friends and family at this stage it was more apparent to me how much had been learned, and how profound the cards could be. The advanced took me further, and made me face up to my personal challenges highlighted by growing awareness, and gained much deeper knowledge of the connections both within myself and universally. It was a real period of growth and advancement on all levels albeit difficult at times.

By the time I began the Professional course, I was feeling very confident, and hungry to learn more. Reading now both for myself and others confidently, and taking the odd paid work as well. The course took me deeper in to myself, and the whole subject area, which by now found myself reading and learning in all kinds of peripheral areas. The examinations followed, and it was a really gratifying experience both to have your guidance and support, and to experience the growth in my abilities through the feedback received from the sittings.

I am almost a bit sad now that my studies with you are completed, but my direction is now clear, and step out confidently to develop my business, which seemed to follow on from this. I now realise my gift, but without the course and your presence this would have remained a daydream.

All the very best, and a big thank you.

We wish Richard well and you can order a reading from him via his new website at Sunbird Tarot

Gary ....

I am a Certified Tarot Master, recognized by the Tarot Certification Board of America. I have never stopped taking courses on tarot, as I believe nobody ever knows everything there is to know on the subject and every course teaches me something. So I took the course from Worldwide Mediums and Psychics.

I would like to go on record as saying, "Of all the courses I have ever taken, and there have been many, including the one that first got me recognized as C.T.M., this is, by far, the most intense. It has constantly kept me on my toes and, although I have a long way to go in it, I've learned a great deal and been pushed into thinking more deeply about each card, and its possible meanings, than any course I have ever taken before. I highly recommend it! Gary Meister, C.T.M. (CT, USA)

You can visit Gary's website at Tarot Meister

Clare ...

I am a professional Tarot reader of 5 years standing but I always wanted to get a meaningful qualification behind my expertise so I enrolled in the Beginner's section to start with. I was amazed at so much more I had to learn about the Tarot when I was doing the course - different ways of looking at the cards.

Under Annie's tuition, the meanings of the court cards and reversals (which I had always been a bit vague on) became clear and I was able to implement this into my practice. I couldn't recommend another Tarot course as highly as this one. It is perfect for beginners - you will receive a top class introduction into the world of Tarot and it is also suitable for more advanced Tarot students because it stretches the way you think about Tarot and provides further food for thought. Simply brilliant! Clare, finished the beginners course Jan 2011 and is now doing the advanced/research course.

Rayne ...

When I bought my tarot cards, I quickly lost interest in the book that came with them because I found the descriptions sometimes difficult to imagine. I often couldn't get to the heart of what they were going on about because of the flowery words used.

I wanted to learn how to read tarot cards though and I searched the net for an online tarot course. There were many sites to choose from but I kept returning to worldwidemeduims.net because I liked the description of the course and since then I've found it to be everything and more that I had been looking for.

Sounds difficult memorizing the meaning of all 78 cards in the Rider Waite deck but Annie not only teaches the meaning and understanding of the cards but in a way that makes sure you don't forget it and giving a much clearer insight. Her modern description of each card is written in a clear, down to earth and easy to understand way.

The course also encourages the use of your own imagination and insight and I found that personal intuition and psychic ability develop more and more as you work through the cards. I would recommend it 100% - Rayne Cairo, Egypt

Tony ...

I have a great passion for Tarot cards and I have done a weekend course in London and after few days I forgo everything, and I thought that tarot were not for me. One day I have found this course online and with immense surprise I got back all my enthusiasm and passion for Tarot lost with the previous course because I don`t have to memorize all cards in a couple of days but I study one card each day. For each card I have to write 4 assignments and Annie send me the corrections every day. I this way I have the time to study, memorize and understand well each single card and there is no rush. I can study when I want and when I feel ready I study a new card. Generally I was thinking that a course online couldn`t be so good and Annie has prove I was wrong because nothing is standard here. Annie read each single assignment and send the corrections and I you don`t pass you can redo the assignment and I find this amazing. This is absolutely the best course on tarot available everywhere, much bette than a class of few days. Also incorporate lots of aspects in the sudy of the cards like astrology, kabbalah, numbers and so on And for the first time I can now say that the cards are talking to me when I read them and this is fantastic. I am so happy to have found such a fantastic course and it`s also not expensive so I am doing all level and I cannot wait to do my reading and I know with this course I will be able to do professional reading. thanks Annie. Tony's native language is Italian and has given me a few chuckles when reading his 'english'.

Tracy ...

This Tarot course is the best, I've tried a few!! I like this one because it's easy to follow at your own pace. It's a lot easier to develop your skills when one has to think for them selves. Annie is one of the best teachers I have known. Tracy Taylor (England).

Tamara ...

I love the online course! I love the feeling of having a personal teacher and connection it gives to my experiences in life. The lessons flow easily and easy to do on my schedule. I have learned much from the tutor's feedback - thanks for developing this great course, looking forward to more lessons and new friends. Tamara Griffith (Germany).

Michelle ...

At first with the course I was in a rush thinking I had to complete it within a set amount of time. Having studied using Annie's format you soon realize that there is no rush at all.

I am learning so much about others but just as importantly so much about myself from this process. I would say that even if I didn't ever do a reading for someone else the experience has been brilliant (so far).

My hat goes off to Annie because she is sharing her gift with others. The course is set out in such an intelligent format. Yet it is not too over the top and so does not baffle you. Each of the assignments are the same per card allowing you to get used to the structure and to concentrate on the card itself. So you don't need to worry about not understanding the questions - you know that you can just concentrate on the card. Michelle O (England).

Stephanie ...

I wasn't looking for a tarot class when I found this wonderful course. I had gone to worldwide mediums site to try to find a spiritualist church in my area, and perhaps an online site to practice my mediumship. I then saw the course and really looked into it, because I like many who had turned to this tarot course had already studied tarot through books, and on their own. I was so impressed with the detail and the insight that Annie's tarot course offers the student which ever level you are on from newbie to pro you can gain much from this course. Stephanie (Scotland).

Arlene ...

I remember as a teenager my mom gave me a deck of plain cards and her tarot deck told me play with them (no instruction) she would just get info from the card, and she was a medium. I never knew how to (on my own) discipline myself to delve into the card and pick up insight from the card itself and I needed more.

I took a course that certifies along time ago, and it taught the same thing as a book. I made it to apprentice practitioner but didn't feel I learned anything so I left that course and just practiced on my own.

The reason for this background info is that I wanted whoever is reading this to know this course is the best out there. I have yet to find a course that will give you the discipline to actually go into each separate card and pull out the intuitive nature of that card itself. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to truly be able to read the Tarot and get to a professional level (if that is your desire.) Arlene Braswell USA.

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